Youngsville artist creates beauty from glass fragments -

Youngsville artist creates beauty from glass fragments

YOUNGSVILLE – Dawn Savoy calls her art studio her happy place. It’s where she can create, come up with new ideas and find something exciting among shards of colored glass and metal.

“When I get in there with the glass and play, it brings me true joy,” Savoy said. “I want to be in that studio. I want to be playing with the glass and playing with ideas, to be a part of the art itself.”

She said she finds joy and fulfillment in making art from glass.

“I’m just fascinated by the glass, mesmerized,” Savoy said. “It’s almost spiritual – the way the light dances through the glass, the textures and colors.”

Savoy started the work nearly three decades ago as a hobby, making items for herself or gifts for friends and family. About five years ago friends encouraged her to begin selling.

She became a vendor at local markets and started her Etsy shop, ASunriseStainedGlass. On Facebook she is Sunrise Glass Creations, but the name was too long for the craft store website.

Dawn Savoy.  working on glass art in her studio.  Monday, March 28, 2022.

Now her art is paying for itself.

“That allows me to do what I love,” she said. “It fuels my passion.”

She works from a converted room at her home in Youngsville, where she keeps a few of her first pieces of art or ones that didn’t turn out how she wanted.

“I keep them because I was learning,” she said. “They’re very special. They’re art, too. The thing about art is it doesn’t have to be perfect.”

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