What You Can See at the RI Federation of Garden Clubs Exhibit at the RI Home Show -

What You Can See at the RI Federation of Garden Clubs Exhibit at the RI Home Show

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

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PHOTO: Natasha Lisitsa and David Schultz Design – June 2017, RI Federation of Garden Clubs

RI Federation of Garden Clubs’ President Sheryl Hanson McGookin appeared on GoLocal LIVE to discuss their upcoming appearance at the RI Home Show, which runs April 7-10 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence.

“The RI Federation of Garden Clubs is the umbrella-piece for the local garden clubs – there’s about 26 garden clubs which include about 1200 members across the state and some parts of nearby Massachusetts,” said McGookin.

“It’s an opportunity for people to come together with like interests. We have fun, it’s creative, and we do educational outreach – civic beauty, photography contests, and gardening, like something as simple as how to grow a pollinator garden or how to put in a vegetable garden, “she said. “We also include bigger topics like environmental issue programs, on how to take care of your environment and waterways.”


Home Show Focus

McGookin spoke about what people can expect from club members at the upcoming RI Home Show.

“We have many floral designers across the state – actually some are even further than that – that come together at the Home Show for floral design specifically,” she said. “This home show is one of the largest in New England. It’s a venue for people who like to do floral design and like the challenge and creative outlet. They get to spend time with other designers.”

“So when you come into the Home Show’s Federation area, it’s floral design, but there’s also botanical arts and crafts and floriculture, these women and men take this very seriously and you can see their designs – they’re spectacular.”

This segment was part of a paid partnership between GoLocal and the RI Home Show.


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