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Best Google Fi alternatives 2022

There’s nothing quite like Google Fi when it comes to service and coverage. Not everyone needs all of the features Fi offers, and if you aren’t traveling internationally, the data can be quite pricey. If you’ve been looking to Google Fi for your phone service but don’t think it’s quite the right fit, Mint Mobile … Read more

New Google Play Store Policy is about to make a massive change that will affect millions of apps

Source: Pocketnow Google has been pushing developers toward maintaining their apps for years. It even introduced many new policies and features to encourage them and make the process more streamlined and easier to manage. As a result of the policy change, Android, as a platform, has become more restricted over the years, and while some … Read more

The highest rated tennis, pilates and aqua aerobics clubs in York, according to Google reviews study by David Wilson Homes

David Wilson Homes has carried out a study of Google search data to discover the sports and social clubs that have grown in interest over the past year. A spokesman said: “We’ve also researched what the highest-rated sports and social clubs in major cities are based on their Google Reviews scores.” Sign up to our … Read more