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Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider Is A Partner Not A Vendor

With the outsourced manufacturing becoming a norm in electronics product manufacturing, one of the key aspects that needs to be addressed is the choice of electronics manufacturing service (EMS) provider. When an OEM looks for outsourcing their manufacturing, deciding what to outsource is only 50% of the solution and the other 50% is to decide … Read more

The flame that does not burn – Open Electronics

Based on Neopixel and a special ultra-thin Arduino, it simulates the light produced by chimney flames As every year, the approach of the winter season stimulates our imagination and reminds us that electronics can do a lot, not only concretely (creating automatisms for indoor air conditioning) but also for pleasure and leisure; so here are … Read more

Creating Lossless Electronics Using A “Sandwich” Structure

A Monash University-led research team has revealed that a large-bandgap quantum anomalous hall insulator can be created by sandwiching an ultra-thin topological insulator between two 2D ferromagnetic insulators. This type of heterostructure opens the door to ultra-low-energy future electronics and even topological photovoltaics. A ferromagnetic material serves as the “bread” of the sandwich while a … Read more