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20 Minutes With: Contemporary Artist Dia Mehta Bhupal

“From a young age, I have been inspired by architecture, not simply the environment we inhabit, but the spaces beyond, the environments both natural and man made that become a part of the daily landscape,” Bhupal says. This interest in the spaces we occupy and how they affect — and define — our day-to-day lives … Read more

Contemporary Unangax̂ artist draws inspiration from ancestral crafts

Taytum x̂anix̂ Robinson is the artist behind Qawax̂ Creations, a contemporary Unangax̂ jewelry line she started about a year ago. Learning how to make earrings began as a hobby for Robinson at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now her small batch earring collections sell out minutes after sharing on social media. Courtesy of … Read more