Baileyton Town Council sets Family Fun Day for May 28 -

Baileyton Town Council sets Family Fun Day for May 28

Greg Griffin, Benny Guthrie, Wendell Peterson, Clerk Nikki Fry and Mayor Windell Calloway (Sara Gladney for The Cullman Tribune)

BAILEYTON, Ala. – The Baileyton Town Council on Monday evening confirmed the Family Fun Day date has been changed from May 14 to May 28 due to conflicts. Mayor Calloway said, “What we are going to try to do next year is just set a date and go with it regardless of any conflicts.” The event used to be around July, the council plans to keep the day in May when the weather is cooler for next year. The Family Fun Day at Baileyton Park starts at 10:00 am and will feature arts and crafts, food, music and activities for kids, as well as a car show. General admission is free. Craft or food vendors can contact the Town Hall at 256-796-6447.

The mayor also talked about replacing the old road culverts on Schoolhouse Road and Oliver Road. “Every time it rains, they fill with water and by the time it gets drained out where we can actually dig the culverts out and set the other ones in, it starts raining again. It should have been done a long time ago, but we’re gonna fix them. ”

Councilmember Dewayne Sumner updated the council on the Easter Egg hunt this Saturday, “All the eggs are stuffed, all the prizes are taken care of. We set a budget of $ 500. I’m picking up the Easter bunny costume on Friday, that’ll be another $ 50, so we came in at $ 450. ”

In new business:

  • Parkside Elementary will be having a Volunteer Day on May 6 instead of the usual Career Day. Volunteer organizations will come to the school to show the kids how they operate. Sumner suggested making a donation of $ 500 to the school. He said, “I had addressed a while back about a donation for the community center, and then we found out that we could not give that donation to a private entity, but we can make a donation to the school.” However, the council cannot dictate how the school uses the money.
  • A request was submitted to the council to set up a table to sell ball shirts at the home games. The council voted not to grant the request because they would have to allow all vendors to sell their items which may take away from concession sales. “If you open it for one, you open it for everybody,” said the mayor.
  • The council thanked Garlan Gudger, Randell Shedd and Mike Knopp, as well as Charlie Whitehead, for helping them to secure funding to pave and stripe an area at the top of the hill beside the school.
  • Phillip, Diane, and Tanner Whitehead were also recognized for upgrading and repairing the concession stands to get them ready for the ball season.
  • Ron Woods with the County Sheriff’s Department came out with some inmates during the March Spring Clean Up and picked up trash. Calloway said, “They were good enough to do that. It saved us a lot of money not having to hire somebody. ”

The next Baileyton council meeting will be held on May 2 at 7:00 pm at Baileyton Town Hall. The public is invited to attend.

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